About STP

Focused on building essential systems.

Our Vision

We aspire to do what others cannot. We share the same sentiment towards overcoming challenges that the great scientists and engineers before us used to solve the world’s most difficult problems.

Who We Are

Our company’s roots date back to building one of the largest most advanced IT infrastructure systems in the world.

In 1999, STP’s founders, Michael Fadely and Robert Goldberg were among the first people to join the IRS modernization effort. Coming from CSC’s commercial consulting division, both Michael and Robert were tasked with leading the implementation of the infrastructure’s shared services. While building these critical systems, Michael and Robert came to realize that no single company was specifically focused on the unique capabilities needed to construct large scale systems with data and information so sensitive that a breach could threaten a business’ future. In 2005, STP was formed to answer the need for such a business. In 2014, James Gander joined Robert and Michael as an STP owner and principle bringing over 26 years of large-scale federal information technology consulting services leadership and business experience.

Our Customer

Fortune 500 companies seek STP for our specialized capability.

Given our specialized talent in producing secure enterprise systems that adhere to strict federal regulatory requirements, the biggest and most capable technology companies in the world, such as IBM, CSC, CA Technologies, Unisys and Northrop Grumman chose STP when needing to solve their most challenging problems. They value a partner who knows what they are doing and can get the job done right the first time.

How We Do It

Highly skilled people, following a proven approach and using the best materials has been the recipe for success for thousands of years. We use the same ingredients to build world class IT systems.

Our people are the best of the best

Given that a company is only as good as its people, STP hires the best of the best. We seek out talent from all industries and all walks of life and in doing so, we have created a broad capability that is essential to producing services that deliver all aspects of our customers’ missions.

We keep up with technology and innovation

In our world, learning never stops. As new technology and processes emerge, we keep our skills well-honed with training that is tailored to our customers’ requirements. We are also not afraid of getting our hands dirty with the latest software, hardware, tools and techniques.

We use time-tested methods

We use our ingenuity to solve the most difficult problems, but we also adhere to processes that carefully guides us through the full life cycle of producing advanced IT systems. By using proven techniques, we reduce cost and schedule while improving quality.

Products that best meet our customers’ needs

We purposely remain product neutral as a means to keep the interests of our customers at the forefront of our decision making. In doing so, we have successfully created Commercial-Off-The-Shelf, open source, and custom developed solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.

What We Value

Our company values are expressed by what we refer to as The Six C’s.

These values outline what we stand for. They reflect our behaviors and organizational culture. We want our employees and customers to know and understand what principles guide us and how we work toward achieving our customers’ visions and goals.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to help our customers create a more symbiotic relationship with their technology.

We positively impact millions of users

We take great satisfaction in knowing that the systems we build positively impact millions of users. Each and every day, a growing number of people throughout the globe are using something our engineers and developers produced. We are also proud to build systems that people with disabilities are able to use. We carefully design, develop and test each interface to assure compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act which requires that Federal agencies’ information technology is accessible to people with disabilities.

We relish a challenge

We’re hooked on solving the biggest engineering and implementation challenges our customers can throw at us. We thrive on doing the impossible under the most difficult conditions. This is why STP attracts the most accomplished and skilled professionals who find fulfillment in doing what others cannot.

As we continue to grow and expand, our future is directly tied to the success of our customers.