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Businesses & governments that embrace technology.

STP was created for the very purpose of building systems that meet the unique needs of governments and large businesses.

We enjoy collaborating with …

We enjoy collaborating with …

Our customers must overcome many obstacles to deliver their services. None may be more challenging than adhering to a growing list of ever-changing regulatory requirements. People throughout the globe are pressuring their governments to enact and enforce more laws. Even though these laws have the best intentions, they often come with enormous financial burdens. It is estimated that the United States spends $2 trillion a year adhering to regulations, more than the GDP of all but nine countries.

The IT systems we build for our customers are critical to both their mission and the needs of those they serve. If these systems fail, society is disrupted. Failure for our customers is never an option. With the experience of building infrastructure and cybersecurity systems at the IRS that are essential to the operations of the United States, we have the expertise to deploy the measures needed to ensure your systems are 100% reliable.

The internet is now available everywhere, including Antarctica. Almost 5 billion people are active internet users. Businesses and governments know the easiest way to reach new customers is through online services. The customers we serve have massive user communities, with varying degrees of computer experience and special needs. These communities also use a near limitless number of devices and configurations to connect to the services our customers offer.

Few investments have a greater return than information technology. Companies who adopt technology as a core fundamental do so to reduce costs. Technology increases productivity, eases the storing and sharing of data, reduces human error through automation, and accelerates the time to complete tasks. Businesses and governments who embrace technology are able to do more with less. STP knows how to build systems that add value to your business.

Client Story

At the IRS, STP is a go to company in overcoming their biggest hurdles.

Since the 1960’s, the IRS has invested heavily in information technology. Each year the IRS processes hundreds of millions of returns, collecting trillions of dollars in taxes. We built infrastructure that is essential to the collection of taxes, detecting fraud, and providing customer service to millions of users. We built the identity and access management system that provides a safe environment for over 43 million taxpayers.

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