Application Development

STP knows how to build solutions that are effective with the most diverse user communities.

People expect applications to provide them with the tools needed to perform all tasks without human support.

We develop your systems onshore.

Unfortunately, in today’s highly competitive and cutthroat world, unscrupulous actors profit from stealing and selling your trade secrets. Companies who use offshore services risk losing billions in corporate assets to their global competition. Unlike most companies, our development is done within the United States by our trusted employees using secure resources.

We know how to write code for large scale computing systems.

For the past 16 years, our developers have created millions of lines of code for secure large scale distributed implementations. We know how to develop complex systems that provide essential services to millions of users and are prime targets for hackers worldwide. We build software that scales without needing additional hardware, can withstand peak loads, provide quick response times, and are free of security vulnerabilities.

We make sure everyone can access your system.

We take great pride in building systems that everyone can use. Our developers, usability experts, and quality assurance engineers know how to create systems that adhere to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, allowing people with disabilities to utilize all services provided by our customers.

We use proven techniques.

We use the latest processes, tools, and techniques to develop software quickly, efficiently, and of the highest quality. For the past three years, we have used Agile to develop our largest implementations. By following Agile we are able to partner with our clients to design code that focusses on the business and its users, plan and prioritize work, provide transparent reports of progress, deliver changes frequently, and perform within a fixed budget.

Application Development examples

“STP provided excellent AIR project management (PM) support.”

IRS Contract Officer in Contract Performance Assessment Report