The IRS trusts STP.

The IRS has entrusted STP to build its IT foundation via infrastructure shared services, secure its online applications with identity and access management, and improve its efficiency by fully automating its software deployments.

STP Provided Services

STP has provided over 987,000 hours of services to the IRS from all 6 of our service areas.


Over 100 STP technical experts have designed, built and deployed the modernized IT infrastructure at the IRS. We know how to construct the foundation of an enterprise that securely supports billions of transactions, in a scalable, reliable, high performing environment that is available 24×7.


Since 2005, STP has built identity and access management systems at the IRS that keep bad actors out, while allowing authorized users in. The IRS has entrusted STP to engineer and develop systems that protects sensitive data about hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses. Given our track record of success at the IRS, we are currently tasked with architecting their next generation capability.


Relying on humans to manually deploy software is both error-prone and time-consuming. At the IRS, STP engineers developed an approach to fully automate software deployments across tens of thousands of servers during narrow installation windows. Automation has saved the IRS millions of dollars while establishing a consistent baseline that ensures availability of its systems to the millions of taxpayers it serves.


At the IRS we have engineered systems that can never fail, scale to seasonal peak demands, protect against attacks from enemy nations, and are accessible to anyone who needs to use the systems’ services. With help from 21 STP subject matter experts, the IRS was able to successfully deliver their Affordable Care Act system that processed electronic submissions from 51 exchanges, 4,300 issuers of insurance, and 300,000 employers submitting more than 275 million records.

Application Development

Our developers have created millions of lines of code for secure large-scale distributed implementations for the IRS. The code we have written provides essential services to millions of users. We know how to build software that scales without needing additional hardware, can withstand peak loads, provide quick response times, and are free of security vulnerabilities.

Staff Augmentation

When the IRS’s engineering organization needed cleared experts to help them deliver high priority initiatives, they called upon STP. Thirteen STP subject matter experts, architects and developers provided IRS engineering with over 8,000 hours of expertise to infrastructure efforts that needed quick results. By using STP’s in house talent, the IRS was able to meet its tight deadlines.