The IRS IT infrastructure is a massive enterprise system comprised of numerous COTS and custom subsystems that spans multiple data centers. Each and every year it supports billions of transactions while thwarting cyber-attacks from enemy nations. Few IT implementations in industry rival the size, scope and responsibility of the IRS IT infrastructure. Given STP’s long track record of successfully building and supporting the IRS infrastructure, Northrop Grumman chose to partner with STP to further enhance the IRS’s multibillion dollar infrastructure investment.


Each and every year the IRS must adapt its IT systems to support new laws or changes to existing laws. Unfortunately, the IRS is usually given little time to make changes or introduce new functionality. Deploying new resources to support these changes is an even greater challenge given a lengthy clearance process and the experience and expertise needed to hit the ground running. The pressure to deliver changes quickly is even greater on the infrastructure given that infrastructure must be in place before applications are deployed. STP needed a way to scale up quickly with expert resources to deliver high priority initiatives.

The Solution

Fortunately for the IRS, STP was deep with talented industry professionals who could provide immediate support. STP utilized 13 of its subject matter experts, architects and developers who were working on other projects on an as needed basis to provide over 8,000 hours of expertise to infrastructure efforts that needed quick results. By using STP’s in house talent, the IRS was able to meet its tight deadlines.