The IRS maintains some of the most sensitive data and information about people. It is imperative that taxpayers trust that the IRS is taking every measure to safeguard their private information. The greatest threats come from within an organization. The IRS is no exception.


While working on CSC’s massive IRS modernization program, STP’s current leadership led the implementation of a mainframe system that prevents IRS employees from unauthorized access to tax records. While this system successfully protected sensitive data and information, it was built for IRS applications that execute on a mainframe. As the IRS modernized, applications were built on Unix, Linux and Windows servers instead of the mainframe. These applications required the same protection from unauthorized access that those on the mainframe received.

The Solution

With an ever-growing number of Unix, Linux and Windows based applications, STP’s architects knew the IRS needed a long-term solution. Utilizing the IRS’s existing investment in an enterprise service bus, STP’s software engineers developed web services that interface with the mainframe system to prevent unauthorized access. Since its implementation, over 30 IRS applications have successfully used the web services STP built to protect taxpayer information.